Welcome to our sex doll FAQ.

Find below the most frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that finds no answer here please feel free to contact us. We will respond within 24 hours.

How Much Does Shipping Cost -Is It Really Free?

Shipping is free of charge to all customers worldwide. 

If you know you live in a very remote area please discuss this with us prior to purchase as very occasionally there can be additional fees for us and we may need to take this into consideration when quoting. 

Please note: 

Due to strict religious laws, we do not ship to the following locations : India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, or Brazil. 

What Does The Package Look Like?

Your sex doll will arrive in a brown reinforced cardboard box.

The does not identify the contents in any way. 

Your courier will only know that it’s very fragile and should be handled with care. 

I Don't Want Anyone To Know That I Purchased A Doll?

We use a plain brown box to pack the doll without any text or mark. No one knows what’s inside except you!

We have shipped over hundreds of dolls, we know how to take care of your privacy.

I Don't Want To Receive My Order At Home

If you don’t want to receive your order at home, we can deliver to the nearest FedEx, UPS or DHL pickup point from your address. 

Alternatively, the courier will give you a call when the shipment lands in your country, let them know you prefer to pick it up yourself, then they will deliver to the nearest pickup point.

How Long Will A Sex Doll Last?

A sex doll will last anywhere from 2 years to 10 years depending on usage and care. A sex doll that gets frequently used and moved will be more likely to suffer wear and tear. There are many things doll owners can do to preserve and maintain their sex doll. If damage does occur it is also quite easy to perform repairs on your sex doll.
We offer free repair kits for any reported doll damage, and each doll comes with a complementary cleaning kit to keep your doll in mint condition. We also have many helpful blog articles and tips so that you can keep your doll looking brand new.

How Can I Store My Doll?

If you are looking for a perfect place to store your sex doll, then your hunt is coming to an end. Introducing the Sex Doll Suspension Kit, the best storage unit for your beloved nightly companion as you go out to work in the morning. Instead of stashing it by the bed or stuffing it in your wardrobe, use our suspension kit for your sex doll storage. This will ensure that its precious body features are not flattened or bruised and you can continue using it for years.

Come back confident to your sex doll every night because our suspension kit is known to prolong its durability. We have tested the kits on our very own dolls and use it for sex doll storage at our shop because it retains its posture and bodily features and does not bend or twist. The free-hanging position makes it the perfect choice for you to store your precious while you are away thinking about her.

The Sex Doll Suspension Kit is made of industry-grade parts that will keep your sex doll in perfect health when you are not giving it to her.

Bathing & Showering With My Doll: Best Practices.

We do not recommend bathing or showering with your dolls.  However, silicone dolls can be showered for cleaning purposes as long as they do not have the standing foot bolts.  


Water can get inside the dolls through the standing foot bolts, the head and neck bolts and anywhere on the body where there are tears that go deep into the skeleton that you may not notice.  This is the most common in the anal/oral/vaginal cavities.  This water can cause mold and a rusted skeleton, not to mention any trapped water can add significant weight to the doll.


If you choose to bathe with your doll, exercise extreme caution because these dolls are slippery when wet, literally!  They can fall or be dropped and injuries can occur if not handled properly.  We advise at first sitting the doll on the edge of the tub and slowly lowering her into the tub for baths.  For showers, we recommend obtaining a shower chair for her to sit on to prevent falls and allow easier and proper lifting in and out of the shower.

Can I Use Cosmetics On My Doll?

If you are planning to use cosmetics to change the look of your doll, we recommend that you specify “no makeup” in your order notes. Liquid eyeliner and powdered cosmetics (blushes, eye shadows, powder foundations, etc.) work very well on dolls.


However, cream/oil-based makeup (such as liquid foundation) won’t disperse well on silicone and TPE will absorb it. Eyebrow pencil and lipstick can be applied with reasonable effectiveness and these cosmetics rub off easily. Otherwise, your doll can be cleaned with normal cosmetic removers and/or mild detergents. Avoid removers that are too oily, as they will be difficult to clean from the skin.

How Do I Clean My Doll?

A cleaning kit is included with every doll which consists of a douche ball and antibacterial soap. After you have used your doll, flush the cavities out with warm water and antibacterial soap as soon as possible. The head of the doll can be removed for easy cleaning.  


A mixture of one part antibacterial soap to five parts warm water in a spray bottle works wonderfully when cleaning your doll.  Simply spray the doll, working in small areas, wipe with a neutral colored microfiber cloth or very soft bath sponge (we do not recommend loofahs or bath puffs as they are abrasive), then spray with cold water and pat dry with a microfiber towel.


If you choose to stand your doll, either in or out of the shower, you will want a rubber bath mat that has grooves to pull the water away from the standing foot bolts, if your doll has them.  If you choose to have your doll sitting or lying down, you will want some kind of waterproof sheet to go under her to not damage the chair, bed, table or other surface you are bathing her on.  We recommend if you shower your doll, to obtain a bath chair to minimize the risk of falling and injury to both you and your doll.

How Do You Protect My Privacy?

Your privacy is very important to us.

  • PACKAGING – Your doll will arrive in a brown, cardboard discreet box, no labels or logos. 
  • We NEVER share your information to third parties. 
How Do I Move My Doll?

The best way to move your doll is to have her on a rolling chair such as a wheelchair or office chair. This makes it easier for you to avoid injury and it is less likely the doll will be dropped. 


When this is not an option, either lift the doll in the bridal lift (one arm behind the shoulders, the other beneath the knees) and lift with your legs rather than your back, or lift the doll from under its arms to carry it. 


Make sure to keep the hands in a protected position crossed over the doll’s chest, or over your shoulders to avoid damage when the doll is set down. 


For sex, you can use sex swings, light bondage kits and pillows to lift and pose your doll for play. When bending a joint, use a firm two-handed grip with one hand on either side of the joint. Firmly and slowly move the joint to the desired position being careful not to twist the skin unnaturally. Never try to pull your doll towards you by the hands as this can severely damage the wrists.

How Heavy Will My Sex Doll Be In The Box? -Will I Need Help?

This will depend on the weight of the doll you buy. If you’ve gone for a big doll you may very well need assistance. 

You may have a delivery person that is kind enough to assist you, otherwise use your own discretion if you need to arrange help from a neighbour or friend in advance. 

Have fun making up a story about what is in the box…..an IKEA cupboard? A grandfather clock?