How To Deal With Loneliness During Covid?

Humanity has survived through waves of catastrophes in the shape of wars, natural calamities, and of course, pandemics. But all went pale in comparison to the ruin that was “bestowed” upon us by the legendary COVID-19. This shapeshifting pandemic, as we would like to put it, has evolved several times since its inception and has swallowed no less than 1.67 million lives worldwide. But the worst blow from it came in the name of global quarantine. Long story short, we all are obligated to maintain a safe distance from everyone and that includes our dear ones who reside far away from us. 


The isolation is taking its toll on our psyche. There is no one to talk to or at least have a momentary interaction with. What makes it worse is the arrival of the holiday season. This is the time when we were supposed to enjoy some happy moments with our friends and family. However, maybe you still can. It might not be big and blooming, but it would still count as a celebration. 


These are tough times indeed. The principle of social distancing won’t allow us to step out of our homes and just give a warm hug to our best friend in the neighboring city. But, there is one more than a singular way of getting close to our dear ones. This is the digital age and the time is ripe to reap its perks. Through calls, texting apps, and best of all – video calls, you can stay connected with everyone you care for. This can fade the feeling of being distanced. We know, meeting in person with your loved ones is just another heaven, but this isn’t feasible as of now.


Nevertheless, we do encourage staying in constant touch with your family and friends. It may not be as satisfying but it does help in dissolving some of that loneliness. Just try to goof around with your family over social media or just go into long calls with your friends. Staying in solitude brings the imminent risk of depression. While several doctors and medical experts do stress the adherence of social distancing, they at the same time encourage communication over digital mediums. These are the words of the experts, so you should consider trying on their advice.


We see millions of people have lost their bright lives due to COVID. But this adversity has destroyed far more lives in a rather indirect manner. As we have pointed out before, this pandemic wave has left us secluded. This state of seemingly perennial isolation has left many crippled with depression. Sadly, psychological bruising is steadily becoming a new normal. However, you should let this depression seep into your consciousness. As your well-wisher, we would like to suggest some easy ways that can help you fend off this tense atmosphere.


If using a blanket or soft toy doesn’t do the trick then you can consider investing in a sex doll. We know for sure that owing a doll has been on your wish list for quite some time and this moment of self isolation may be the best time to finally give it a try. Thanks to the lifelike touch and structure of realistic sex dolls, you will have a lot more fun cuddling and spooning. Just remember, in lonely and depressive times like these, cuddling may just be the right cure.


It has been observed that people who are already fighting some form of psychological disorder are fighting a hard battle against COVID. The obligatory solitude that we are all abiding by is somewhat complementing the effects of mental disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is a form of depression. This introduces a new layer of a predicament that we have to face. Standard therapy for SAD is highly recommended by experts and medical professionals. However, the panacea in this scene is a happy and positive outlook. We know the time may not be apt for preaching but holding on to a positive attitude can make things easy for us.


In all honesty, this isolation has gifted us that one thing that we always crave – time. Thanks to our busy schedules, we always had to knock back our enthusiasm to try something new or devote some moments to our hobbies. But what’s stopping us now? We have all the time in the world and we say that in a very literal sense. Why not employ this quarantine towards something that suits us? It is a fair argument that you can’t leave your house or move around that freely. So, wanderlust might have to be omitted from this discussion. But there is a lot that you can try out at home. There are various digital channels that host learning programs and guides. You could give them a shot. 

You can rekindle some of your old talents that you almost abandoned. There are many who tried to learn something new during their time at home. You may as well follow the suite. If the situation so allows, you could adopt a pet. This will serve you the opportunity to gain some companionship. The time is right for you to utilize your reserves of creativity. We all have an artistic persona imprinted on our subconscious and this is precisely the right time to tap into your creative self. 

Hope these tips will help you beat loneliness and depressive thoughts without leaving the comfort of your home.

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