How To Heat Up Your Sex Doll

Sex dolls have come a long way from blandly structured blowup dolls to something that finely resembles a real human. The great minds behind this innovative creation have constantly been on the front to perfect the design of sex dolls, to make it more human-like. While the aesthetics have drastically improved to a point that it might be hard for anyone to distinguish the doll from an actual person, there are certain areas that lack the human flavour. So, to fill that gap, a new heating mechanism has been added to the love doll formula.

The idea behind this is simple meaning to add the feature of body heat in sex dolls. This in turn will further blur the line of difference between a doll and a real person. There are several different ways doll owners can enjoy the experience of using heated dolls. Heating your doll to body-temperature will not only make your TPE /Silicone doll more realistic, but will also vastly enhance the sexual experience. 

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Ways To Heat Your Sex Doll

The Built-in Heating Mechanism

The internal heating system is not a common upgrade to encounter in dolls, at least as of now. This is due to the fact that this feature is made available in select doll models only and is pretty exclusive. In the internal heating system, the real dolls are warmed up from the inside through a strategically designed heating mechanism. The functioning of this heating mechanism is more or less the same in almost every love doll. The body of the doll is connected to a port on the head/body with a cable and the other end of the cable is plugged in a wall socket. Oftentimes there is a digital screen where you can set the temperature of the doll. 

The best part about the built-in heating mechanism, is that it’s fairly easy to use. You just need to plug in the cable to your doll and put the prongs at the other end of the table in the wall outlet and then bingo! The sex dolls usually heat up in about 20 to 30 minutes. It’s actually like charging a laptop, or something of a similar order. However, as convenient and appealing this feature is, it is not without its set of complications.

Demerits Of Internal Doll Heating System

The internal heating system is more costly, and is not ideal for doll lovers who are on a strict budget. Moreover, this system cannot be repaired, changed, or modified on a whim. In case the need to replace the in-built heating system arrives, you need to get in touch with a professional or an expert doll technician.

Who Should Invest In The Internal Heating System?

If you have no budget constraints and are looking for a superior heated sex doll experience then don’t delay. Go pick a premium doll that comes with an internal heating feature and you won’t go back to any other form of heating practice.

External Heating System

This is a more standard and prevalent way of heating the sex dolls. Many seasoned doll owners prefer the external heating systems over the new built-in heating. Generally, the doll manufacturers provide their customers with the option to add this device when they invest in a love doll. These external heating “wands” are inserted into the vaginal or anal cavity of the doll and only heat that particular area, not the entire body of the doll. 

Demerits Of External Heating

The thing is that external heating does not heat up the entire body like the internal heating mechanism. Only a specific part is affected by external heating devices. So, this makes it slightly less realistic and engaging. It diminishes the erotic flavour this concept of “body heat” brings to the table. So, to put it rather bluntly, the simplicity comes at the cost realistic and savoury experience.

Who Should Invest In The External Heating System?

If you are looking for an effective and affordable way to heat your doll then an external heating system is what you need. It is fairly easy to use and unlike the internal heating setup you can always get it repaired or order a new one in case it gets damaged after a while. This external heating device will definitely enhance the quality of your physical interactions with the doll and you will have a more realistic experience.

Alternative Techniques To Heat Your Sex Doll

Use Heating Blankets

There are other non-standard ways of getting your doll closer to human-body temperature. For one, you could make use of a heating blanket, that could serve your doll the warmth to help elevate the level of intimacy. The best part is that they can be used with the external heating systems as well. Some doll owners refrain from using the heating blankets to protect the dolls skin. Take precautions if you plan on using this method to warm up your sex doll.

The next option on the table is the use of warming lubricants. It’s certainly the most convenient option available, but a certain level of caution is required to be applied. It is best to use water-based heating lubes as they won’t damage the skin and texture of the doll. So, before purchasing a warming lubricant, you need to ensure that it is safe for your doll.

Warm Bath

Other alternatives involve having a nice, sensual, and erotic warm bath. The doll ‘s skin will most likely retain the heat for a few minutes after the bath. This won’t cost you a dime, and a sensual warm bath with your doll will definitely cheer you up. No doubt, spending time with your doll in the bathtub is quite an experience, but we recommend against it for the safety of the doll.

However, many doll owners refrain from submerging their realistic doll and perform a sponge bath instead. If you still wish to go ahead and experience this then do make sure you don’t submerge your doll’s head into the water. Also keep the bathing session shorter and thoroughly dry the doll immediately after the bath. Even a small amount of water seeping into the doll through tiny unnoticed skin cuts or screw cavities can rust the skeleton and even cause mold build up.

Cuddling And Spooning

If you are comfortable sleeping with your doll, then that might also be a solution to the cold skin problem. However it is not as effective as using an actual heating device. But a nice cuddling and spooning session definitely helps transfer the body heat and warm up the doll slightly. Keep in mind that this will be nothing like the heating provided by an internal or external device. Moreover, just like most other alternative methods, this too, is time consuming and requires extra effort.

Heating Alternatives Vs Standard Heating Mechanism

We strongly recommend that as a doll owner, it is best to invest in the standard and most safest doll heating system. If you want your doll to last longer and wish to play safe, then stick to either the internal or external heating mechanisms. Most alternative heating techniques are known to cause damage to the doll’s skin and metal structure. Apart from being risky, all alternative heating approaches require a great deal of effort and time from your end. We recommend being extra careful when using any of the alternative heating techniques. If you are fine with the room-temperature doll experience then consider yourself blessed as you really don’t need to invest in any of the heating devices or techniques.

Have fun spending time with your realistic sex doll. And do let us know in the comments if you use a different method to warm up your doll. 

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